Seven Marks of Vital Church Communities

New Worship Series and Bible Study begins on Sunday, October 8th

The Holy Spirit’s power is constantly changing, reforming, and revitalizing the Church. This worship and Bible Study series will use scripture to examine our in such transitional work. We will read, study, and discuss texts related to seven positive indicators (referred to as marks of congregational vitality) that communities of faith can possess. Along the way, we’ll examine:

1. Lifelong Discipleship Formation (Acts 2:42-47)

2. Intentional Authentic Evangelism (John 4:1-41)

3. Outward Incarnational Focus (Romans 12:1-21)

4. Empower Servant Leadership (John 13:1-20)

5. Spirit-Inspired Worship (Isaiah 6:1-8)

6. Caring Relationships (Galatians 6:1-10)

7. Living a Wholehearted Faith (Mark 12:28-34)

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