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Worship in the Woods

Westminster Woods - All Church Retreat Worship Service - September 11, 2022

Photo by Art Walton

Update on Worship and Church Activities

We continue to be thankful that our church family members have taken the important step of being safe and loving their neighbors, by being fully up-to-date with their vaccines and boosters against the Covid-19 virus.  We will continue to wear masks in worship, and require that those attending are up-to-date with their vaccinations.

For those of you who prefer to not attend worship in-person at this time, you will continue to find our weekly worship recording on our church website:

The Cross on our Church Bell Tower

You may have noticed that the cross on top of our church Bell Tower is standing straight and tall these days! Yes, it had been leaning at times, and then would get straightened back up by one of our church members (!), but alas, it would begin to lean again a few months later.

We are so grateful to Alma Drown’s children, who generously funded the repairs needed to secure the cross once and for all! Years ago, Alma’s first husband, Donald Lenters (who was an elder and deacon at our church) worked for the Ditzler Paint Company. Sometime in the 1960’s, Alma and Donald’s children remember the cross from the church steeple sitting in their driveway, on some newspapers, as their dad painted it and got it ready to be placed up on the steeple. Upon noticing that the cross was leaning during these past couple of years, the children recently reached out to the church to fund whatever repairs necessary so that it could be safely secured.

Our Building and Grounds Committee contacted our roof contractor (Kevin Reed), and he was able to come up with a plan for considerable reconstruction up in the bell tower, removing a portion of the roof, replacing rotten wood as well as refabricating the base on the metal cross, so that it could be secure and remain that way, hopefully forever!

The work has been completed, and if you would like to see photographs of the work in progress, just stop by the church office and we’ll be happy to share the notebook that chronicles the project. Again, our sincere thanks to the Lenters’ children (Derk, John, Susan and Jim)!!

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